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We have a great selection of alphabet
printables!  You'll find alphabet
handwriting pages, classroom charts, abc
bingo games, alphabet animals, coloring
pages, minibooks, worksheets, classroom
quilts, file folder games and more!  If
you're looking for an easy click download
of our Alphabet resources please
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Alphabet Printables
Alphabet Coloring Pages
A set of 26 coloring pages, one for
each letter of the alphabet.  This is
a cute set, with thick lines making it
easier for little hands to color in
between them.
A-Z Uppercase Tracing Pages
A-Z Lowercase Tracing Pages
A set of 26 tracing pages, one for each
letter of the alphabet.  Children can
practice tracing each letter of the
alphabet multiple times.  There is a cute
graphic on each page to color as well.
Alphabet Minibooks
This printable minibook takes
children through the letter A-Z.  
Children can make 4 different
minibooks to help with letter
recognition.  Use these pages as
coloring sheets then assemble.
ASL Alphabet Printables
ASL stands for American Sign
Language.  We have some great
preschool printables and resources
you can use when teaching your
children the asl alphabet.  You'll
find complete sets of uppercase
and lowercase printables.
ABC Match it to Me!
This is a printable file folder game
for children to match the pictures
to the correct beginning letter.  
This would be a great game to
follow up your
Fishing for ABC's
A set of printables for
children to work on their
ABC's!  Children Trace,
Write, Color and Fish!
Alphabet Animals
A-Z Coloring Pages
This is a set of coloring pages
featuring a different animal for each
letter of the alphabet.  These are
thick black line coloring pages, and
are just right for your preschoolers.
Each animals name is written below
for children to practice lettering.
ABC Dinosaur Bookmarks:
These bookmarks have the
alphabet printed on them to help
children with letter identification.  
There are uppercase and lower
case options available.
Silly Seuss Inspired Alphabet
This is a set of printables you can use to help
children learn their ABC's.  Focus is on upper
and lowercase letters as well as beginning
letter sounds. Includes printable letter tiles,
flashcards, letter of the day worksheets and
build a word vocabulary cards.
Letter of the Day Worksheets
These worksheets feature adorable
animals and different daily
activities.  Trace, Write, Color,
Find, Draw, and ABC Order.
These silly animal coordinate with
our animal flashcards below.
Printable Alphabet Chart
This is a printable alphabet chart
featuring uppercase letters with
small graphics for the beginning
Alphabet Flashcards
A set of printable flashcards or
memory game printables.

Alphabet Flashcards 1
Alphabet Flashcards 2
Alphabet Flashcards 3
Alphabet Flashcards 4
Alphabet Flashcards 5
Alphabet Printables
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