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Our weather printables help you teach children
some basic elements and key vocabulary.  
Children learn about Sunny, Rainy, Snowy,
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Weather Printables
Weather Coloring Pages
A set of printable weather coloring pages.  Each
page is a 6x6 square for use in a classroom quilt or
for a personal weather collage. Children can also
practice tracing the word below.

Sunny Weather Coloring Page
Rainy Weather Coloring Page
Snowy Weather Coloring Page
Cloudy Weather Coloring Page
Hailstorm Weather Coloring Page
What's the Weather? File Folder Game
This is a great game for your little ones to practice
recognizing what types of coloring and
accessories they will need for different weather
conditions.  Featuring a hot sunny day, cold
winter day, and stormy rainy day.

Weather File Folder Game TP
Weather File Folder Game Page 1
Weather File Folder Game Page 2
Weather File Folder Game Page 3
Weather File Folder Game Page 4
Weather File Folder Game Page 5
Printable Daily Weather Chart
This is a simple printable weather chart.  
Children keep track of the daily weather by
making tally marks, check marks or adding a
sticker. There is a place to write in the name of
the month.  At the end of the month count up
the days! Each column is 1.5" wide.
Weather Stickers
Featuring Sunny, Windy, Snow,
Rainy Cloudy, Stormy, Partly Sunny,
and Rainbows.  120 Stickers per
pack.  Approximately 1"x1" square.
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Weather Words by Gail Gibbons
  • Drawings are appealing, attractively arranged,
    and closely matched to the textual
    information. Temperature, air pressure,
    moisture, and wind are broadly defined and
    illustrated. Each of the four areas is then
    broken down further: moisture is illustrated as
    rain, drizzle, hail, snow, etc.
Weather Wordwall Cards
This is a fun way to build vocabulary!  Featuring
12 different weather words children can use these
cards for matching games or calendar activities.

Weather Wordwall Cards Page 1
Weather Wordwall Cards Page 2
Weather Wordwall Cards Page 3
Custom Rainbow  Classroom Display
This is a large printable rainbow and cloud
set.  You can customize these for your
own classroom needs.  It might be a fun
way to explore the letter of the day, or
whatever theme you are learning about.

Rainbow Chart Printable
Clouds Printable
Weather Printables
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